Queensland Local Government Mutual

LGM Queensland has, since 1994, provided the vehicle by which Queensland Local Government has been able to collectively exercise control over and management of the legal liability exposures confronting local government.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson as the LGM Queensland Managers have provided a comprehensive range of services and resources as part of LGM Queensland membership including claims management, risk management, insurance placement, and associated fund management and consulting services.

The Local Government Association of Queensland as trustee of LGM Queensland, has through the LGM Queensland Board of Management, overseen the administration of LGM Queensland as a valuable service to Queensland Local Government, on behalf of Members.

As a body entirely owned and operated by Queensland Local Government, LGM Queensland continues to exist for the sole purpose of benefiting Queensland Local Government by providing effective and appropriate coverage for the legal liability of Members. Membership of LGM Queensland is now almost universal amongst Queensland Councils and significantly since the commencement of LGM Queensland in 1994, no Council holding LGM Queensland membership has withdrawn from membership.

This ongoing commitment has enabled LGM Queensland to continue as the means by which Queensland Local Government has developed structural strengths and strategic capacities and been able to assume effective collective control of legal liability exposures and covers and continued to achieve the benefits this will deliver. The ability to achieve best possible outcomes in relation to risk management, claims and supporting insurance outcomes are such benefits.

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